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Hazard perception test
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About hazard perception test

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Hazard Perception Test Information

The hazard is anything which causes the driver to change their speed, direction, and sometimes to stop on the spot. The hazard creates obstacle to the drivers and the other road users on the road. To overcome the hazard barriers the learner driver has to act as driver.

The hazard perception test is the second part of the theory test exam and learner driver has to complete the hazard test successfully to get eligible for practical driving test. In the hazard perception test a learner driver has to go through 14 developing hazard video clips which shown on computer screen. Each of these video clips contains one developing hazard only one of its clip contains two hazards. The learner driver has to show her response to the developing hazard by clicking on the mouse.

The clips contain all the types of hazard that we face in real life such as road condition, vehicle or pedestrians. A learner driver can click either right of left button of mouse to show a response. The score depends on the response time of the learner drive as quick he responds to the clip developing hazard as much he/she will score. A learner driver will get maximum 5 marks for quickest response and maximum 75 marks in the whole test he/she will get. At least 44 marks out of 75 needs to pass the hazard perception test.

Reason To Introduce The Hazard Perception Elements

The Hazard perception test was introduced to reduce the road mishaps in which the new learner drivers are unreasonably involved. The government of the United Kingdom has found that the new learner who has recently passed the driving test are most probably creates obstructions on the road. After reading the drastic news the UK government came up with the Hazard Perception test in November 2002. They came up with the safety measures to help the learner driver and to reduce the road accidents on the roads. They started encouraging the learner driver for adequate training in scrutinizing the road, identifying the road hazard, and accept the driving plan to reduce the risk.

The safety measures apply to the entire new learner driver and it is being proven that drivers who has taken the hazard perception test training has much better hazard perception test skill. The training motivates the drivers and permits to become responsible driver on the road. The driving Standard Agency worked hard with the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and Road safety division transport department to test the hazard awareness skills for all drivers.

To get the appropriate Knowledge of hazards, then practice hazard perception test online clips with FREE demo clips or download a hazard perception software to improve the hazard skills and ability to pass the test with confidence.
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