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Online driving theory test

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Before taking your driving theory test

All About Driving Theory Test

Driving theory test is all about theoretical part of driving. The learner should understand the theory concept behind driving before appearing for driving theory test. The learner has to pass the both the driving theory test and driving practical test to get the full driving license.

Theory test has two fundamental elements. Both the elements are important and have its own benefit in driving test. To enjoy the privileges of driving learner driver has to pass the both fundamental elements of driving. The theory test elements are as follows such as: Multiple choice questions and Hazard perception test.

Actual Theory Test Screen Actual Hazard Perception Test Screen

A. Multiple choice questions:
  • The multiple choice questions is a part of theory test and taken all over the United Kingdom test centers.
  • The theory test can be taken by the entire learner driver above 17 years of age and they should be aware of the concept of theory behind driving.
  • Multiple choice questions are computer based and instructions are given on how the test works.
  • The learners are given 15 minutes to practice the multiple choice questions on the computer screen and get the things well-known.
  • If the learner driver face any problems related to touch screen computer test centers members are there to guide the candidates.
  • After the practice session the actual test starts and the candidates are given 57 minutes to complete the entire multiple choice questions.
  • In multiple choice questions 50 questions are randomly asked and the candidates can flag the question to solve later.
  • The questions depend upon the category of the vehicle and the candidates have to attempt all the questions to pass the test.
  • They can score minimum 43 marks to pass and maximum 50 marks to pass.
  • The theory test cost is £30.00
B. Hazard perception test:

The hazard perception test is the second part of theory test and designed to scrutinize the hazard concept in driving.

  • The three minutes breaks are given after completing the multiple choice questions.
  • The actual test starts with the hazard video clips and it is taken in the same computer screen.
  • The short hazard video clips are show to the candidates related to road hazards.
  • There are 14 video clips with 15 hazards and particular clip is seen about one minute each.
  • These video clips elements are based on various road hazards such as motorways, cyclist, pedestrians, weather conditions etc.
  • The hazards are same for all the vehicles only the passing marks differ from each category of the vehicle.
  • The score marks for each clip is 5 marks and total is 75 marks for 15 hazards.
  • The learner needs to get minimum 44 marks to pass the hazard perception test for car and motorcycle.
  • The learner has to identify the developing hazard and click on the hazard to recognize hazards spot.
  • It is easy to review the hazard on the clips but the driver driving on the road cannot review the hazard on the road because they don’t get the second chance to spot the hazard.
  • Hence the learner should observe the hazard carefully before turning in to dangerous hazards.

After the end of the test:

After the end of the theory test the candidates can wait in the waiting room to give the survey questions. It is not compulsory and not the part of the theory test. The learner can escape the survey question and take the pass certificate from the test centers. Once the candidates have left the test room cannot enter the room again.
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